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The Benefits ofRebuilt Transmissions Over Used Parts

A car expert

When the reliable vehicle you drive daily develops a transmission issue, the cost of repairs can lead you to seek out other options for parts. Used and rebuilt transmissions both save you money over new replacements from the original manufacturer. Yet there are variations in cost and condition even among rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions.

Compare the benefits of rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions against used ones to choose the right part for your car repairs. In most cases, you'll likely find that a reconditioned transmission is a better choice than a used one.

Faster Turnaround

A rebuilt transmission has already undergone a process of part inspection and replacement of gaskets and seals, so it's ready to ship out to any customer that needs it. Alternatively, used parts often need sourcing before the seller can package and send the transmission to you or your mechanic.

If you need your vehicle back and working as soon as possible, a remanufactured or rebuilt transmission will arrive faster. You can also have your own transmission rebuilt with a delay of a few weeks, but ordering a replacement transmission that has already completed the process allows for the fastest possible car repairs.

Affordable Cost

Remanufactured transmissions are reliably less expensive than new units from the original manufacturer. Some sources report savings of up to 50% over the cost of the OEM transmission. With rebuilt parts costing providing even more savings, there is a lot of opportunity for making transmission repairs easier on your budget.

Used parts are usually similar in cost, but they may include more wear and tear in exchange for the savings. Rebuilt and remanufactured transmissions offer a balance of savings and reliability that you can rely on.

Renewed Parts

Remanufactured transmissions in particular feature upgrades and updates to crucial transmission components that experience a lot of wear and tear. By improving the unit's ability to release heat or withstand vibrations, you'll receive a transmission that lasts longer than the original parts distributed by the manufacturer.

Rebuilt transmissions may or may not include these kinds of improvements since these parts usually just get an inspection and new set of gaskets and seals. Even the addition of new seals is a improvement over the worn ones found in used and salvage parts.

Additional Warranties

Used transmissions often provide years of reliable performance, but there's no guarantee with most sales. In contrast, rebuilt transmissions often come with short-term warranties for the first few thousand miles or up to three years of use.

A transmission is one of the more expensive parts to replace in a vehicle, so you need to trust the part you buy so you're not spending more on transmission repairs in just a few months. You can trust reconditioned parts because they've been inspected and repaired by a professional. Stick with rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions for the peace of mind offered by reliability and the support of a warranty.

Environmental Benefits

Reuse of vehicle parts always reduces waste going into landfills and recycling centers. A refreshed and rebuilt transmission requires a fraction of the energy required to make a new replacement system. New gaskets or improved heat shields for remanufactured designs are much easier to manufacture than entire transmission units.

Combine this with the core return system used to reclaim the damaged transmission coming out of your car and you're doing a lot for the environment. Environmental benefits may be a minor concern during a car repair, but some car owners are always looking for new ways to reduce waste.

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