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Should You Buy Aftermarket or OEM Used Car Parts?

Car Parts
When it is time to purchase a replacement part, you will have the option of an original manufacturer part (also called an OEM part) or an aftermarket part. Understanding the difference between both can help you determine which one you should select. While OEM parts have their advantages, aftermarket parts can be less expensive and can sometimes be better than the original.
Keep reading to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of part.
If you aren’t set on using an OEM part, you can probably find multiple companies that offer the particular part you’re looking for. Therefore, you will be able to shop around and find a part with the characteristics you want and the price you would like to pay. Aftermarket parts are also more available than OEM parts.
An upside to OEM parts is that the quality for an OEM part is much more straightforward. While aftermarket parts are sometimes of better quality, you will have to shop around to find a part that you are happy with. The OEM is the original part used by the manufacturer. If you are not interested in researching each part to find out which is best, you may want the simplicity of simply choosing the OEM.
Aftermarket parts may be more affordable, but they often keep expenses down by not offering a warranty. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to choose a more expensive part that comes with a warranty. OEM parts typically come with a one-year warranty.
When you have the OEM part installed at the dealership, the dealership will stand by the repairs as well. On the other hand, if you choose an aftermarket part and have it installed by a local mechanic, they will usually stand by the installation and will make corrections if necessary. Either way works well.
The OEM parts fit perfectly. In contrast, the aftermarket parts will not always fit perfectly, and may not have the right crumple zone. The crumple zone is the manner in which a car crumples in a controlled manner if you crash. Having an aftermarket part that doesn’t crumple correctly might make the car less safe after an accident.
However, because the aftermarkets parts are cheaper, your insurance provider may still favor these parts.
Effect on Car Value
While the OEM is more expensive than an aftermarket part, the OEM will also improve the value of your car. Therefore, the added expenses are not as significant if you intend to sell the car in the future. However, if your car was damaged in an accident, the value will be reduced to an extent where it would probably not matter if the value is reduced slightly by an aftermarket part. As for add-ons, these can help or hurt the value.
Effect on a Lease Agreement
If you are leasing a car, it is more important to purchase OEM parts. An OEM part will not reduce the value of your car and you will therefore not lose your security deposit. If you have had an accident, you may wish to have your car repaired at the dealership because they will have an OEM part. However, the dealership is often more expensive and you may rather request that an independent mechanic order an OEM part and wait for it to arrive.
Genuine Parts
​Genuine parts are slightly different from OEM parts because the genuine part has your car's logo on it. There is no reason to purchase a genuine part because you are simply paying for the logo. The OEM part is identical and the genuine part is not necessarily made by your car manufacturer.
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